November 30, 2016

Credit Card Processing

Website Transactions

Regardless of your gateway Partner Payments can process your website transactions…

Mobile & Tablet

Accept payments on your mobile device or tablet with ease.

Point of Sale Transactions

Regardless of your current POS system, equipment or solutions, Partner Payments has integration capabilities to process the transactions.

Credit Card & Debit Card Processing

Accept Credit Cards via In-Person, Phone, Mobile & Web.

Merchant Account Processing’s primary function is to give a business the ability to accept and process credit card payments. These payments are either accepted manually with a card reader, virtually via an electronic payment gateway, or over the telephone with an automated voice response. Typically your Merchant Services will also settle all the funds with different card associations (VISA®, MasterCard®, etc.) on your behalf. In addition to their primary use, Merchant Account Processing offers other services that better allow your business to handle electronic payments. These include the handling of purchase adjustments and charge backs, interacting with a fulfillment company, and giving you real-time reporting of your credit card sales.

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